Structure of the Houses


Depending on soil conditions, different types of foundations can be applied. It is vital that there is very limited settlement of the foundation, so that the structure remains stable at all times.

The different foundation types are:

•Floating raft foundation.

This is the preferred, most stable foundation method, suitable for almost all soil conditions. A raft foundation consists of a dense reinforced concrete floor slab with edge beams and, if required, beams under the floor slab to increase stiffness. Rafts can be made from foam concrete as well.It is very suitable for industrialized construction.

•Footing foundation

with a concrete reinforcement beam under all walls and connecting all footings. Good load-bearing soil is required.

•Strip foundation

Reinforced concrete strip under all walls.

The function of the foundation is to carry the house and its loads (vertical forces) and to transfer horizontal forces (wind) to the underground. The walls of a Foam Concrete house form a strong and interlocking structure. In combination with a floating raft foundation a stable, strong box type structure is formed. The raft foundation provides a stable base for the walls and provides a strong and suitable floor. It can even be used in areas with poor load-bearing soil.

SHS Projects Foundation


•One house mould = one house Per Day

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Doorframes and Doors

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Floor finish

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M+E Installations

piping and sockets box

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IBS House casting Formwork System.

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