A day a cast. 1day 1 house

1 Day 1 Cast

Essentially a basic house consists of three components:

Projects Daily Cycle

Material for the Walls

Foaming Concrete Tested range

1100 celcius burning on wall for 240 minute test

Labour Requirement

Labour Requirement

Moulds can be filled by hand,gravity flow , Pakistan ; Thailand ; Malaysia

Local Materials

  • Local materials and products are used as much as possible. Generally speaking, only the foaming agent, polypropylene fibres and specialised equipment such as the foam generator needs to be imported. The walls require a high quality formwork system that often is not locally available and might need importing as well. The design of the application should be based on extensive application of locally available building materials.

  • Locally Requirement

    Lay-out and Design

    1 size of Panel for various buidings

    Solid Housing Solution System
    IBS House casting Formwork System.

    A future Building Material Made Available Today