What is “ Stay In Place “ ( SIP ) Formwork System

It is a patented system where Fiber Cement boards and Magnesium Oxide boards are the ‘SIP” set which is 8 sq ft per set and the boards are the permanent surface of both side of the wall which you are going to cast or infill with concrete 


     Single floor low-cost affordable houses are needed in every country around the world, as of today over 400 millions units of this houses are needed and a further 40 millions needed annually.

     We have develop the perfect solution to cast this small landed houses fast and cheap, this durable ‘ Concrete Houses’ are strong, earthquake resistant, and cyclone proof, fireproof and soundproof and very cheap to construct and very little skill workers are needed to built them. Basically this houses has no columns & beams and no brickworks with no cement plastering.

     The house foundation is a “Pad Strip Raft Foundation” completed in a day or 2 works and the house concrete structure is casted with self compacting concrete from non load-bearing 3 to 50 Mpa load bearing concrete infill into the “Stay In Place” made with cement boards or MGO boards and has concrete spacer glued to make it into a SIP set of 8 sq. ft. per set.

Advantage of “House Casting Technology”

We train and technology transfer to your company our knowhow and consult you.

There are dozens of concrete to choose from for your applications to infill the walls where the SIP sets is made from cement boards and MGO boards.

It is fire proof, sound proof, cyclone proof and earthquake resistant with 100% zero hairline cracks.

A lot of industrial waste other then fine aggregates can be added into the infill concrete mix, such as fly-ash from coal fire power plants, quarry dust, volcanic ash and quarry dust to pulverized waste plastic bits.

SHS / LCM – Equipment  to mix concrete and infill

We have racks systems for you to make this Stay In Place ( SIP ) sets which is 8 square feet a set

Prepare “ SIP “ sets are set up and clamped to align and ready for concrete  infill / pumping

“ SIP “ Stay In Place Form are setup together with door and window frame, so is electrical conduits and water pipes plus their sockets are all in place before concrete is infill

We provide training and know-how to cast SIP house monolithic structure

We assure you we will have it constructed cheaper, stronger and more beautiful, soundproof, fireproof and cyclone proof and earthquake resistant.

Our methods for fast construction is mainly due to using a “ Pad Strip Raft ” Foundation method and all the full monolithic wall cast with ‘SIP’

Why SIP wall casting? Because no brickworks, no plastering, no columns and no beams and no need for much skill workers and very fast to complete a house

We provide training and technology transfer and all necessary equipment’s from SIP form makings to Reusable formworks , mixers and pumps.

IBS – Industrialize Construction System

If only for high-rise walls still very viable because of many factors mentioned and most important is faster and as much as 30% to 40% cheaper plus better walls

One floor Bungalow and Semi-Detach houses is our specialty