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Self Compacting Self Leveling Lightweight Concrete

Modular House Casting System

Worldwide there is an enormous demand for good quality, low cost housing. According to the UN, about 21 million new low cost housing units are required per year. In order to clear the back log by 2030, an additional 14 million units per year are required. In Africa, 72% of urban population lives in slums. In Asia this is 46%.

The present huge backlog and still growing demand require modern and very fast building techniques with quality materials at low cost. The houses must be cheap, yet very durable and able to bring comfort to its occupants. In this age of conservation of resources and green, sustainable approach, these factors play an important role. By using modern construction methods, the quality of the built houses is mainly controlled by the system. Local communities can be engaged as a high share of the workers can be unskilled. A maximum of local materials and products should be used.

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Form and Foam construction

Moulds can be filled by hand,gravity flow , foaming into mixer truck

Sustainable design and construction

The described system is suitable for all type of houses, for one project or a combination of similar projects with a minimum of about 30 housing units, and is ideal for larger housing schemes. The industrial construction techniques result in a high construction speed and uniform high quality at low cost.

1 sq ft of wall weight comparasion

Foam concrete above and below water density

Scope of this website

A lot of information on low cost and affordable foam concrete housing is available, mainly from suppliers who are promoting their own products and systems. Although all this ‘producer’ information is extensive, it is not complete and the bigger picture is missing. This website aims to be a complete and unbiased guide to low-cost and affordable housing for all organisations and persons who plan to realise housing projects in this sector.

Designed amount of Foam Shoot into normal Mortar to produce target lightweight Density

General Principles

The most important components of these type of houses are the foundation and the walls. The walls must be a solid structure with good thermal qualities and strong enough to withstand all occurring external forces. The walls must be a strong base for the roof as well.
The most suitable foundation is a reinforced dense concrete or foam concrete raft slab that together with the walls forms a strong and stable boxlike structure. The houses can be built as basic house or as a more complete house; all houses though are very suitable for future upgrading and extending. The houses will be built with a maximum of locally available materials and components. The required labour force can be mostly unskilled. A large part of the work can be done by female workers as well.

Daily Production

Specification for low cost Foam Concrete houses All houses to be :

Depending on location and conditions:

Solid Housing Solution System
IBS House casting Formwork System.

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